X Ray inspection machine for carry on luggage

$334,500.00 TTD



The model ZKX6550A is an inspection system for X-Ray energy only to identify potential threats. The device is designed to inspect carry-on luggage.

The ZKX6550A uses a high-quality x-ray generator. Using an excellent image algorithm the ZKX6550A offers clear images of the inspected images, which allows the operator to identify potentially dangerous objects. The ZKX6550A features an innovative function that identifies biometric for the operators, improving the security system, and avoiding the operator to forget the password.

Featuring a modern, ergonomic design, the ZKX6550A helps operators identify suspicious items quickly and accurately.

Main features:

  • Pseudocolor image scanning.
  • Digital fingerprint reader.
  • Ideal for carry-on luggage.

Physical and Electrical Characteristics:

  • 5 x 50.5 cm tunnel
  • 20 cm/s belt speed
  • Maximum load of 180 Kg. Evenly distributed
  • Contrast resolution 38 AWG

System features:

  • High Density Alarm
  • Auxiliary Explosives / Narcotics Detection
  • Baggage counter
  • Threat Imaging (TIP
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