Wireless Transmitter MULTI-POINT (1 to 8 Sure-Fi) / Supports HVAC Thermostat Control / Traverses 1 Mile Any Construction or Material / More than 50 Miles with Line of Sight


$3,600.00 TTD



Sure-Fi HVAC

This device is a remote controller of HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning); Replace the wiring in a new system.

Sure-Fi HVAC is installed in minutes, in addition to being very competitive with the cost of wiring for all types of work (easy and difficult cable pulls).

It is compatible with any HVAC system of any brand.

It also has an AES128 encryption security (128-bit Advanced Encryption System)


  • Works with Conventional Low Voltage 24 VAC systems
  • Signal Strength, Transmit & Receive indicators on Equipment Interface
  • Test button for easy range testing
  • Connect up to 8 thermostat outputs with the DS005HVACEXP model expansion
  • 2 inputs from Equipment Interface, ex. Equipment monitor.
  • Field confi­gurable and updatable with the Sure-Fi App
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