Wiegand Wireless Bridge / 1 Wiegand / 2 Relays / 2 Inputs / Up to 1 mile range through obstructions and 50 miles Line of Sight

$6,750.00 TTD



Sure-Fi Wiegand

This device is a Wiegand protocol remote controller; Replace wiring in a new or existing system of Wiegand connections.

Sure-Fi Wiegand is installed in minutes, as well as being very competitive with the cost of wiring for all types of jobs (easy and difficult cable pulls).

It is compatible with any device that works through the Wiegand protocol.

It also has AES128 encryption security (Advanced 128-bit Encryption System)

Main characteristics:

  • Works with any Wiegand protocol
  • 1 Wiegand input
  • 2 relay outputs (Wet or Dry)
  • Request to exit input (REX)
  • Door monitor input (DPS)
  • Battery backup input with battery charger and UPS function
  • DIN rail mount or direct wall mount
  • Signal Strength, Transmit & Receive indicators
  • Test Button for easy range testing
  • Field con¬≠figurable and updatable with the Sure-Fi App
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