Video Recorder Mobile AHD, Includes 3G , GPS and WIFI modules, Supports 4 Channels up to 1080P

$3,450.00 TTD



Safety on wheels

Safety in public transport, transfer, taxis, etc. Is a matter of concern in case of traffic accidents or protection against possible assaults; the means of transport make necessary the existence of a central management system that provides protection against criminal activities such as theft, outbursts, among others



  • Storage in SDup to 128GB. 
  • 4 channel AHD analog up 2MP.
  • Video compression format H.265

Physical and electrical characteristics:

  • Input voltage 8~36 Vdc.
  • Operating Temperature -40~70°C.

Main Characteristics:

  • Compatible with Kapok software.
  • It includes 3G and GPS and WIFI modules.

1 year of warranty

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