Test Kit for Wireless Field Transmission / Crossing 1 Mile Any Construction or Material / More than 50 miles with Line of Sight

$950.00 TTD



Sure-Fi Pinger

Sure-Fi Pinger is a device to test wireless field transmission.

You do not need to wire, drill or ditch.

With Sure-Fi it allows you to wirelessly connect up to 1 mile across any construction, material or wall and +50 miles with a line of sight. All this with AES128 encryption.

With Sure-Fi connect sensors, buttons, access (any device with relay, dry/wet contact, and Wiegand or HVAC systems).


  • Indicators of signal strength, transmission, and reception
  • Test button for the easy range test


  • Reach up to 1 Mille through obstructions and over more than 50 Miles with a line of sight.
  • Patented obstacle removal technology, using 900 MHz.
  • Works within metal structures.
  • Patented PBC antenna design
  • FCC (USA) and IC (Canada) certification
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