Security Metal Detector Screening, 2 Independent Zones

$27,950.00 TTD



• Multiple independent zones.
• Measuring technique: CW.
• Self-diagnostic system.
• Complies with FAA of the United States with perfect grades in performance and evaluation.
• Keyboard for programming.
• Alphanumeric display for programming.
• The setting of independent zones.
• Master code for access to programming.
• Detection of ferrous and nonferrous metals. **
• 24 screening programs for applications (top version 9.9º).
• 200 levels of sensitivity (version 9.10 or higher).
• Base for attachment to the floor.
• Multiple frequencies for detectors operation in the same site.
• Light bar of intensity level of metals.
• On and off key.
• LED for operating system status.
• More than 50 checks per minute.
• Interference immunity.
• Includes infrared sensor to prevent false alarms.
• Operating temperature: 32 to 131 ° F (0 to 55 ° C)
• Humidity: 95% non-condensing.
• Consumption: 12W
• Power supply: 110 Vac.
• Dimensions: 2.9″ x 7.2 ” x 1.9″ (90 x 220 x 58 cm).
• Weight: 124 lbs (65.45 kg).

• Display showing the location of metal or weapon.
• A capacity of 6, 18 and 33 zones separately.
• Sidelight bar indicating the location of gun or metal.

• Very useful in airports, businesses, shops, schools, hotels, hospitals, factories, exhibitions, casinos, and civic events.
• Mainly weapon detection and protection of metal assets.

** Proper detection will depend on volume, isolation, and weight of metals. 

* 2-year warranty.

Guidelines for options, add the following suffixes to models:
BU Backup power with battery (up to 8 hours).
W Weatherproof design supports torrential rain.
Wheels kit for easy mobility.
EJ Elegant executive design with Encino wood finish (color: cherry or vanilla).
CD People entry control.
CDD People entry and exit control.
DR Remote display for remote monitoring (up to 30 m).
SW RANGERNET software for PC monitoring (requires N option).
N Includes RJ45 connection for LAN network connection

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