High Power Cell Signal Amplifier. Special to Create a Cell Zone in Rural Areas or Remote Communities. 95 dB Gain, 20 Watts Power, 850 MHz Frequency Band. Up to 3.11 Linear Miles of Coverage

$42,950.00 TTD



RF repeater is a bi-directional signal amplifier which receives a weak signal, amplifies and retransmits it at a stronger signal level or through the other side of an obstruction. With the usage of repeaters, weak signals can cover longer distances, providing more cost-effective cellular network optimization and expanding larger coverage areas.

The CR-SOG08WB repeater coverage distance can be from 500 meters to 5 Km; the length, as well as at the indoor equipments, is a total system gain function, the antenna height above the ground level, the topography, landscaping bushes, and trees.
The service antenna is mounted on top of the tower, and the donor antenna on the 20 to 30 meters nearby. Sometimes, the spread area is improved when the positions are inverted.

It is highly recommended to install antennas with the most possible gain.

  • Frequency range: 824 ~ 849 MHz Uplink and 869 ~ 894 MHz Downlink.
  • Bandwidth: 25 MHz.
  • Gain: 95 dB.
  •  Output maximum power: 43 dBm (20 W) Downlink and 33 dBm (2 W) Uplink.
  • Connectors: N-Female type.
  • Power supply: 110 VAC.
  • Dimensions: 12.91x 16.85 x 6.89” (328 x 428 x 175 mm).
  • Weight: 33.07 lb (15 Kg).

It is required the frequencies authorized dealer for the equipment installation and operation. The owner and installer are the only responsible for this signal amplifier operation

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