Explosion proof Video Camera Enclosure with Windshield

$7,950.00 TTD



  • Made of stainless steel
    • Explosion-proof: Exd IICT6 / DIP A20 TA, T6
    • IP68
    • Operation temperature: -25° ~ 60 °C
    • 2 cable holes explosion-proof G1/2”
    • Front glass diameter 75 mm.
    • Wipers power consumption 12 Vdc at 1A
    • Dimensions ext:405×150×215mm.
    • Dimensions int: 125 x 330 mm
    • Weight: 10 Kg
    • Mount not included

    *1 Year Warranty

    Explosion-proof equipment is designed to handle explosions inside the housing, not outside, by handling an explosion the housing will not allow the fire to extend to other areas.

    These are the best option for places where gases, acids, paints and other flammable chemicals are present. Explosion-proof housings are recommended when electrical equipment is installed on these locations.

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